Cha.ext.laurent Scal.120

Il colore nell’immagine non è aderente al 100% con il colore reale della piastrella


Codice SAP: 620070001009
Collections: Charme Extra
Size: 33x120 cm
spessore: 9mm
Technology: Porcelain stoneware
Intended use: Floor and Wall
Typology: Trim Piece
Finishing: Matt
Graphic effect: Marble
Rectified: No
Tipologia pezzo speciale: Step Tread
Pezzi per scatola: 1
Peso per scatola: 11,38 Kg
Scatole per pallet: 30
The price :
from 11195 rub/pezzo*
from 11195 rub/pezzo*
* Il prezzo si riferisce alla regione di Mosca

Technical Features

Classification in accordance with EN 14411 (ISO 13006) annesso G gruppo B1A con E ≤ 0,5% UGL

  Technical feature Norm Requirements Average Values Italon
Dimensional characteristics ISO 10545-2 In accordance
Water absorption* ISO 10545-3 Ev ≤ 0,5% Individual max 0,6% ≤ 0,1%
Breaking strength* ISO 10545-4 S ≥ 700 N (thk. < 7,5 mm)
S ≥ 1300 N (thk. ≥ 7,5 mm)
S >1500 N
Bending strength* ISO 10545-4 ≥ 45 N/mm2
Deep scratch resistance* ISO 10545-6 ≤ 175 mm3 ≤ 150 mm3
Thermal linear expansion coefficient ISO 10545-8 Declared value ≤ 7 mk-1
Thermal shock resistance ISO 10545-9 Pass according to EN ISO 10545-1 Resistant
Expansion in humidity ISO 10545-10 Declared value ≤ 0,1 (mm/m)
Frost resistance ISO 10545-12 Pass according to EN ISO 10545-1 Resistant
Resistance to chemical attack** ISO 10545-13 Resistant
Resistance to stains ISO 10545-14 Сlass 5
Slip resistance*** DIN 51130 Declared value R9(Matt)
Slip resistance*** DIN 51097 Declared value A+B
  • * Average values referred to the last two years production.
  • **For domestic chemicals and swimming pool additives.
  • *** Values relevant to the natural finishing of the product and to tests carried out by external certified laboratories, available in the company; Italon makes itself available for any verification of purchased lots.

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